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Lucy - New York
I was very unhappy looking at my tired face with dropping eyelids and chin, and especially my neck! I am an athlete and in good shape and 68 years old. I didn't want to try and look 20 years younger. I just wanted to look better. I am in a couple of businesses where looks are important. I found Dr. Madnani through my dermatologist and a very excellent woman who works doing facials and skin care. She takes care of many of Dr. Madnani's post op patients and sees his work up close. He was very clear about everything involved from ...
Lorie - New York
I'm a 57 year old woman and have been miserable about my jowls and neck for years! My friend and several of her friends went to Dr Madnani for their face lifts! There was not one of us that weren't 100% thrilled with the results…. I don't understand why other women would elect to go under anesthesia or a long surgery after going thru this. I'd give him, his nurses and the entire office 200% satisfied!!!
Sonya - New York
My face looks amazing!!! Very natural and my skin looks youthful and shiny. I definitely look way better. I was searching for an excellent plastic surgeon to trust. I wouldn't put my face on anybody's hands unless I was 100% sure this doctor was the best. I strongly recommend doubt.
Meme - Long Island
I am a personal trainer. In a business that values youth foulness and total fitness, it is important to lead by example. Looking refreshed and alert is important. I was beginning to notice a "sunken and hollowness "in my eyes and cheeks. Dr. Madnani recommended belotero to be injected under the eyes. The results were instant . I look more refreshed and definitely more "youthful". Dr Madnani is kind,caring and skilled. There was no pain or discomfort . I would highly recommend him for any cosmetic procedures.
Huzie - Long Island
Dr Madnani is a phenomenal Plastic Surgeon who specializes in faces. I was impressed with his professionalism, honesty and total lack of condescension. He is there for his patients, and the results have been excellent. My own son who is a surgeon was impressed with him. He and his awesome staff made this an excellent experience I never would have done this if I did not have confidence in this doctor from the beginning… I had a Fractional Laser Procedure last December. Everything he told me to expect came to pass. The results were so good I went for the (face)lift. I ...
Juanita - Long Island
I was tired of seeing the bags in the morning and decided to go to Dr. Madnani for a consultation. Immediately I was given several options as to treatments and procedures. I chose to have them permanently removed and has not regretted this decision. I wake up now more refreshed and youthful. At least ten years younger. Dr. Madnani made me feel very at ease with the way he performed before and after the procedure. I was reached by him personally after the surgery and reassured that if need be I could contact him direct.
Eileen - Long Island
In addition to a face/neck lift I had a fat transfer and laser treatment. My objective was to have a more youthful appearance and Dr. Madnani gave me the results I had hoped for. The results are very natural. The procedures went flawlessly and I am absolutely amazed at the fantastic results. I used the web to research Dr. Madnani's credentials. I cannot thank Dr. Madnani enough for giving me back 'my youth'. He is not only an outstanding surgeon but is a very caring physician and is truly dedicated to his patients.
Marie, New York
I was concerned with my aging forehead and the wrinkles that were becoming more apparent. I had a great experience at Dr. Madnani's office from first consultation to follow up appointment. I am beyond thrilled with my results. As an RN I am familiar with quality physicians and I can say that Dr. Madnani is definitely one of them.

Dilip D. Madnani, MD FACS

Patients nowadays are looking for alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures, without the risks of general anesthesia and reduced recovery times...Having the ability to perform my services under local anesthesia, in the comfort of the office setting, provides an additional level of security and comfort my patients see.