preventing wrinkles

5 Tips for Preventing Wrinkles

Wrinkles may be an inevitable part of the aging process, but there are plenty of ways to ward off those fine lines and deeper creases for as long as possible. Wrinkle prevention can begin in your early 20s, with proper skin protection and care to keep skin in the best possible health. Once lines begin to appear, prevention becomes more about nipping early signs of wrinkles in the bud, before they become deeper and more visible. Check out these tips for preventing wrinkles and preserving your youthful vitality.

Kick the Habit

Cigarette smoke is very damaging to the skin, accelerating the aging process and leading to loose, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Kick the habit now so that your skin enjoys the benefits of optimal blood flow and remains soft and supple for as long as possible.

Practice Sun Protection

The UV rays from the sun are also a major culprit in skin aging. To avoid sun damage, wear sun protection daily, looking for products with SPF 30 whenever possible. Avoid the hours of the day when the rays are the strongest, and wear hats and sunglasses for additional protection when you do have to be outdoors for any period of time.

Choose Quality Skin Care

You are never too young to begin a skin care regimen using high quality formulas designed to help your skin regain its youthful glow. Pharmaceutical-grade products, usually available through your physician’s office, typically boast the highest concentrations of active ingredients and the most potent age-fighting formulas.

Consider Injectable Treatments

When the first fine lines begin to make their appearance, often in the 30s, it’s time to consider injectable treatments like Botox or soft tissue fillers. Botox relaxes facial muscles that lead to the formation of some wrinkles. Beginning these treatments earlier may actually keep wrinkles from forming too soon, allowing you to keep your younger appearance without more invasive treatments right away.

Indulge in Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing can also ward off those telltale signs of aging. All of these procedures can be customized to your specific needs and can effectively minimize the appearance of early fine lines and sun damage. Procedures may need to be repeated periodically to maintain positive results.

You may not be able to keep wrinkles at bay forever, but there are plenty of options to keep them away for as long as possible. Give your skin the TLC it needs and deserves early on, and it will reward you with a younger, more vibrant complexion well into your adult years. For more information on anti-aging treatments, contact the office of Dr. Dilip Madnani at 212-203-8591.