Just wish to send the review below. Feel free to post on website and/or print – and thank you, all scarring has faded and most nerve sensing has returned to before surgery normalcy. You all were truly brilliant in your care, responsiveness and family friendly atmosphere. Your personal UBER service in the snow/slush will have a place in my heart forever.


I came for procedures to roll back a decade from my neck and lower face and for me to view it as natural – that’s exactly what occurred!!!! My friends comment how young I look and NO ONE has asked if I’ve had “work” as my results are absolutely “me” from years back. Dr. Madnani is beyond thorough in his care, expertise and excellent explanations of procedures. The personalized and individualized care was beyond what I’ve experienced in any medical practice. I highly recommend Dr. Madnani and his staff.
Southern Girl


Nothing makes me happier than receiving a text from my friend telling me how happy she is with my recommendation. That is what I got this morning from Cynthia. She said she’s been to some of the top doctors in her opinion and has never come away less bruised more comfortable and so happy, so I personally feel good about this because I know she’s very particular and I knew she would be happy. You are the best in my opinion and that opinion had been shared with every single person that I have sent to you. Thanks for making us look good and being your biggest fan. I look forward to my upcoming treatment!


Look and Feel Like Me Again! Recommended by my dermatologist at Laserderm Center – Long Island. I had an upper eyelid procedure and a fat transfer with Dr. Madnani. He was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions prior to the procedures. He took the time to explain all procedures available to me, never pushing any one over the other. Dr. Madnani was very meticulous in explaining the pre-operative and post-operative instructions.


Amazing Results. Dr. Madnani has an excellent bedside manner. I knew I was in good hands with him as my surgeon. During the surgery he kept me aware of and explained every step as we went through the surgical process. He was very patient with my nervous emotions.


Exceptional Experience. I had a great experience at Dr. Madnani’s office from first consultation to follow up appointment. I am beyond thrilled with my results. As an RN I am familiar with quality physicians and I can say that Dr. Madnani is definitely one of them.


I had a face and eye lift… I found the whole experience to be amazing. Thanks to Dr Madnani and his staff, they were caring, professional and thorough… I look great! The experience is everything I had hoped it would be! Thank you Dr Madnani for lifting my face and my spirits!


This was the most wonderful decision and experience I could have had from the consultation to the procedure, which included the face and neck lift, upper and lower eyes and injecting fat… Dr Madnani spent a lot of time explaining everything to be done and to be expected afterwards. I hardly felt anything during the procedure and was fast asleep during most of it… In two weeks I was able to travel out of state… Friends and family, especially my husband could not get over the results! I would highly recommend Dr Madnani to anyone contemplating any or all of these procedures. People who did not know me before this was done never thought that I had any work done… it easily removed 10 years from my appearance. I couldn’t be happier!


For me, the most important part of the choice was the doctor performing the procedure. I had met many others and simply could not get comfortable. Dr. Madnani was professional and caring, calm and warm, patient, thorough and unhurried at every stage of the process. It was as though he and his staff was there for me alone that day.


I used the web to research Dr. Madnani’s credentials. I cannot thank Dr. Madnani enough for giving me back ‘my youth’. He is not only an outstanding surgeon but is a very caring physician and is truly dedicated to his patients.


Recently I had facial surgery performed by Dr. Madnani.  Not only am I ecstatic at the results I am so pleased with the entire experience,  Dr. Madnani and his staff were professional, courteous and just a delight to deal with. “Kudos” to them all.  Thank you for everything.