Ageing Face Changes

Patients ask me all the time to help understand what causes their face to
age. Why do I have all this extra skin, more lines, falling cheeks? I do my
best to explain the effects of aging and help them understand the process,
how it occurs, what the future holds and what can be done.

I find pictures to be a wonderful tool in helping demonstrate the effects of
aging so I encourage my patients to bring photos of themselves from 5-10
years ago, so we can have a ‘visual’ discussion of these changes.

At times, there can be a loss of volume. This is more noticeable when you
look at the area under the eyes and cheeks. You can see the space
between the lower eyelid and ‘apple of the cheek’ gets longer. This does
not occur from the cheek dropping, but from a loss of fat under the skin
with aging. Think of a balloon stuck to a wall slowly deflating; overtime, you
will see increased lines and sagging on the balloon. The amount of ‘skin’
has remained the same, but the volume has gone, so it appears ‘older’.
This is why we get hollowed under the eyes and the lines around the
mouth become deeper. Other areas where we lose volume are in the
temples, cheeks and lips.

This volume loss usually starts in our 30’s and 40’s and continues as we
age. You may ask what can be done?. Well, this is what drives the whole
‘injectable filler’ market, a couple syringes of filler can refresh and
rejuvenate ones appearance immediately, with little downtime, making you
appear less tired and more youthful. When performed correctly, increasing
facial volume can have the added benefit of lifting the soft tissues of the
cheeks which can soften the lines around the mouth (nasolabial lines and
marioette lines).

You may also see increased lines and extra skin around the eyelids,
mouth, jawline and neck. An example as to why this may happen is to think
of a rubber band. Initially the band is nice and taut. As time and use
increases it eventually loses its elasticity. The repeated use is every day
life; smiling, laughing, turning our heads, etc. Other habits such as
increased sun exposure, smoking or just genetics further contribute to this.

These changes are addressed using a variety of techniques; laser skin
resurfacing evens skin tone, tightens skin and softens creases, injectables
are used to fill deep lines and lift cheeks and lifting procedures are
performed to tighten underlying muscles and remove excess skin.

The pattern of aging is relatively predictable and the process is well
understood. As a facial plastic surgeon, I have resources available to
address every aspect of facial ageing to ‘lift’, refresh and renew ones

I will be discussing ‘Current Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation’ and be
available for questions at our ‘Evening of Beauty’ Event at the Laserderm
Center of Long Island on Wednesday April 16th from 6-7pm.

Aging face changes- hope its a little clearer.