Facelift vs. Non-Surgical Options

When it comes to rejuvenating the face and reversing the telltale signs of aging, you have
many options today. From traditional surgical procedures, to non-traditional surgical
procedures using newer techniques to treatments that involve little discomfort and no
downtime.We can help you achieve the look you want with services designed
for your specific needs. Find out if a surgical facelift is the right choice for you or if nonsurgical
options are a viable option at this time.

Surgery vs. Injectables

Facelift surgery has evolved considerably in recent years. New techniques, that
specifically treat underlying aging changes have allowed us to customize this procedure
to the unique needs of each patient. Incision sizes and placement vary, based on the
specific technique used. Procedures may be performed under local anesthesia
and require just a few days of downtime. Multiple procedures can be combined, which
involve a longer recovery period, but they also provide more dramatic and longer lasting
Injectable treatments now offer similar results to facelift procedures in terms of reversing
signs of aging like facial lines/creases and loss of youthful volume. Multiple injections
can be used in a single session. Known as a liquid facelift, this procedure can
replace or postpone surgery for some patients, depending on a few key factors.

Specific Concerns

Your choices in facial rejuvenation depend on your areas of concern. If you are primarily
concerned about fine lines and visible facial creases, a non-surgical solution may be
sufficient. In fact, new advances in these formulations make them
an effective option for even deeper creases today. Injectable treatments can also be used
to restore youthful volume in areas like your cheeks and under the eyes. Injectables can
be combined with laser resurfacing procedures to further enhance results.
If your wrinkles are accompanied by a significant amount of sagging skin, a surgical
procedure may provide you with better results. Injectable solutions will restore some
volume, but it may not be sufficient for firming up significantly loose skin. Surgery may
also be the right choice for patients that do not wish to repeat their treatments every few
months to maintain results.

Good Surgical Candidate

Not every patient is a good candidate for surgery and discussing your medical history is
an a very important step prior to scheduling any type of procedure. It is important to be in
good health overall and be comfortable with the risks associated with any surgical
procedure. Reasonable expectations are essential if you want to guarantee your
satisfaction after your procedure. Your surgeon should be able to discuss the results with
you to your satisfaction.
Dr. Dilip Madnani performs both surgical and liquid facelifts at his offices in Manhattan
and Long Island. He will help you determine which procedure is most appropriate for
you, based on your health history and your desired results. To learn more, contact Madnani Facial Plastics at 212-203-8591.