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60 yo female who was c/o sunspots and fine lines. She did not want to undergo any surgical intervention so we decided upon Co2 laser skin resurfacing procedure. There was downtime of about 1 week and here she is about 5m afterwards. You can see that her skin is overall more clearer, fewer sun spots, much improved fine lines and wrinkles, she also has some skin tightening overall that you can appreciate on her jawline and marionette lines and if you examine her eye area, there is significant improvement in the appearance of the eyelids, they appear almost lifted (she did not have eyelid surgery), with more opening of the upper eyelids and improvement of the under eye wrinkles and bags.
You can watch Dr Madnani perform a CO2 laser procedure here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sofeEZ0eR8s