Revision facelift ? Revision Neck lift ?

This is an extreme example of a patient who consulted with me. She had a few facial surgeries elsewhere with another surgeon. She had undergone a facelift and two neck lifts over the span of 3 years in order to get the results she was looking for. However, she was still not satisfied due to what you see here. In the first picture you can see she still has her neck banding and extra sagging neck skin.
She also underwent something I have never heard or seen before- her surgeon made an incision at the back of her neck in order to tighten the neck from behind. This is s something I am NOT advocating and I do NOT do.

The point of these photos is to illustrate that a face and neck lift is a procedure that requires finesse, training, an artistic eye and experience with a large number of procedures. I am making the distinction between years in practice vs the number of times a specific procedure is performed. I could be a surgeon who has been in practice for 20 years and performs one facelift a month or every two months, or a surgeon who has been in practice for 8 years who performs 10 facelifts a month. The second surgeon has a significantly increased number of ‘procedure years’ vs the other surgeon who has been in practice for more years.

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, I exclusively perform cosmetic surgery of the face and neck. I regularly get consulted by patients requesting improvement of facelifts done elsewhere. Whether they are not happy with the incision lines, or they are not happy with the neck results. The neck is the most common area that needs a touch up. Some patients undergo a facelift thinking that the neck results are going to improve significantly however, in most cases, a neck lift has to be done as a separate procedure. A necklift requires treatment of the neck banding from under the chin as well as tightening the neck from behind the ears in order to get longevity of the results.

I will be giving a talk on ‘Current Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation’ to explain further the differences in newer techniques on Wednesday Nov 19th from 6-7pm at my Long Island Office at 327 Middle Country Road, Smithtown NY 11787 and on Thursday Nov 20th from 5-6pm at my Manhattan Office at 30 Central Park South, Suite 11B, New York, NY 10019. Please call 2122038591 or email to RSVP.
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