At CHG we can help reduce stubborn body fat without surgery, through SculpSure™ treatments. This innovative technology is perfect for targeting problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles.

Many people have pockets of fat that seem impossible to remove even with strict diet and exercise. With SculpSure™ body contouring, we can target those areas, allowing you to achieve your desired shape in only 25 minutes per treatment.

SculpSure™ is able to target and destroy fat cells that will be naturally absorbed and removed from the body. Results are seen in as quickly as 6 weeks with full results shown at 12 weeks. This treatment is an effective way to remove problem areas without any downtime or surgery.


Dermal Fillers

The most commonly used treatments for volume enhancement include dermal fillers. The products are made from materials, such as Hyaluronic acid- which is a sugar, naturally present in our cells that can hold water; and Hydroxyapatite- which is a calcium based product placed deep in the soft tissues to restore volume.

The different products are made with different viscosities, so some are like honey, and some more watery. These are placed in different parts of the face depending on what the problem is. So hollow cheeks require a thicker product to fill and lift. Hollows under the eyes or superficial lip lines require a thinner product to delicately fill and a medium thickness filler works wonderfully in the marionette and nasolabial lines as well as for fuller lips. Most patients require at least two syringes of product to adequately achieve the results they are looking for and different products can be combined for optimal results. A profound understanding of dermal fillers placement techniques and ideal combinations of products will ensure safety and natural results. The regular use of dermal or facial fillers over time has been shown to maintain volume and delay inevitable aging. When regularly performed, the fillers can be spaced out further apart as the act of injection can also stimulate collagen production. Depending on the number of syringes and types of filler used, these results can be maintained for 6 months to 2 years before a touch up is required.

Another more natural option for replacing lost volume is Facial fat transfer. This has the benefit of producing longer lasting volumization and has the added benefit of adding stem cells to the face. These stem cells are responsible for long term rejuvenation and their effects extend further than just adding volume. They also awaken ‘sleeping cells’ and stimulate them to produce new collagen with further rejuvenates and delays the aging process. The back of hands is another part of the body that benefits tremendously from volume replacement. Radiesse is a hydroxyapatite based dermal filler that is approved for hand rejuvenation and fat transfer is also an option for both adding volume and stem cells.


Neuromodulator Agents

Neuromodulator agents are developed around the botulinum toxin molecule. They work by stopping muscles from moving, so when we make facial expressions, we appear more rested, less angry and younger. These wrinkle reducers are placed into the specific muscles of interest and begin to work after a few days. The full results are usually seen after 2 weeks. We are still able to make facial expressions, however, they appear less forceful. These ‘restful’ results last anywhere from 4-6 months depending on the amount of product used, the strength of the individual patients muscles and the metabolism of the patient.

Neuromodulators are also used to shape the face. Some patients complain of having a wide face. This is usually from an enlarged masseter muscle, the muscle that sits ontop of our jawbone in front of the ear. Artful placement of the neuromodulator into the masseter muscle will decrease its size and cause the face to appear more angled and heart shaped. Another use for neuromodulator agents is in the case of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Patients that work out a lot or sweat a lot and are bothered by the odor or staining of clothes can benefit tremendously from this. The injections are place into the axilla (armpit) and the results last anywhere from 3-6 months. The neuromodulator agents decrease the amount of sweat produced by the sweat glands in the area. Less sweat means less odor and fewer uncomfortable situations from staining of clothes.


Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin resurfacing works by applying light energy to the surface and deeper skin layers to create micro-wounds. This in turn stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to increase blood flow and inflammation. This leads to the creation of new tissue and collagen for younger looking skin. Different lasers work on different skin layers and can even address color problems like sun spots. Laser resurfacing can be done for the full face, neck, chest and hands. Laser resurfacing can also be performed to improve acne scarring or surgical scars on the face.



Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure used for skin rejuvenation. Similar to laser skin rejuvenation, it creates micro-wounds in the skin surface. This stimulates a healing response and the body produces new collagen and elastin and increases blood flow to the skin. Tiny needles are rolled into the skin or by use of needling pen for precise application. Micro-needling is one of the safest skin treatment procedures and can be used on every skin type. It is commonly used to improve facial scars, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and stretch marks.



Micro-channeling is similar to micro needling however it takes it a step further by actually injecting medications or treatments into the skin. It uses multiple tiny needles that are attached to a chamber in which treatment medications are placed. Micro-channeling is used to place combination of neuromodulator agents and hyaluronic acid fillers to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Medications such as topical minoxidil can be placed and the areas of hairloss can be treated using this method to place the minoxidil directly into the skin, closer to the hair follicles than topical application can achieve.



Platelet-rich plasma is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. Our blood is composed primarily of plasma, blood, platelets and white blood cells. The plasma and platelets contain several growth factors and cellular signaling factors that play a significant role in the biology of healing. PRP has been used as an adjunct in hair restoration and skin rejuvenation by stimulating stem cells and other cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle and cells in the skin dermis. Individual results vary with each patient and no guarantees of success can be made. Clinical trials and research studies show promising results in the use or PRP in hair restoration however data is incomplete and not all studies show a positive response.

Candidates for PRP are those with thinning hair who have tried other therapies like propecia or minoxidil and have still not seen a positive response. Consider it a bridge therapy for those patients who are not candidates or not interested in undergoing a hair transplant, a nonsurgical therapeutic option for stimulating hair growth.



CHG is proud to provide ultherapy as an option for face tightening. Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared device on the market for noninvasive face and neck lifting. It uses microfocused ultrasound energy to heat soft tissues and muscles deep under the skin which stimulates collagen production and tightens connective tissue deeper than other noninvasive devices.

The procedure is performed using an ultrasound to first determine the patients anatomy. Once visualized on the screen, the energy is precisely delivered to the deeper then more superficial layers. Ultherapy is used for lifting and tightening skin in the brow, around the eyes, jawline, neck, chest and around the mouth. Comfort and results are directly related to the providers performing the procedure. The ideal candidate are those with mild to moderate skin laxity or for those candidates who do not want a surgical procedure. Maximal results are seen over 3-6 months. What that means is that even a few years after the procedure is performed, your skin will be tighter than it would have been if you had not had the procedure done. Some patients opt for extra treatments a year or two after the initial tightening The benefit of having Ultherapy at CHG is that all treatments are performed or supervised by Dr Madnani, a Facial Plastic Surgeon, who is an expert in the surgical anatomy of the face and neck. Treatments are expertly administered and patients are very comfortable as they are premedicated using relaxing medications such as Valium and pain medications.

Lift and Tighten Your Skin With Ultrasound Therapy That’s Safe and Non-Invasive

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that the skin in your lower face and neck is becoming loose, with the faintest platysma band formation. You may also see your brow line dropping more and more, or maybe your chin is starting to lose its definition. These signs of aging that change the structure of your face have an effect on the way you feel about your appearance each day. Because these changes can escalate quickly, it is important to take note of your skin’s progression and address any sagging skin at the early stages. The goal for your physician at the Cosmetic Healthcare Group is to improve the skin tightness and appearance with the best possible solutions.

At the Cosmetic Healthcare Group (CHG), under Dr. Madnani, we know that surgical anti-aging methods may not be right for everyone. Technologically advanced, non-invasive procedures are changing the way we approach cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Within the last decade, ultrasound treatments, in particular, have shown significant improvements in skin quality, giving you tighter skin with improved texture, tone and strength. We offer Ultherapy treatments as an option to lift and contour the skin in the face and neck to further enhance your natural features. Aging and the effects it has on our skin can be managed gradually with non-invasive treatments, and Ultherapy can help you achieve a beautiful result.

Understanding Ultherapy

As a non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment, Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to tighten and lift skin in your brow, under the chin, neck and décolletage. Mild to moderatel loose skin can be addressed, smoothed and contoured with Ultherapy ultrasound. Ultherapy treatments are recommened for patients who are not yet candidates for a facelift and want those patients that want to avoid a facelift. Additionally, Ultherapy is often the first recommendation at the Cosmetic Healthcare Group for patients to maintain or retouch their previous facelift procedures. While Ultherapy can gradually lift and tighten the skin, it does not replace or offer the same results as you would receive with a surgical facelift.

To improve comfort with the treatments, we suggest you take ibuprofen before treatment. Slight discomfort is a sign that the energy is working within the skin to repair and improve collagen and elastin production, which will begin to show in the following months. To ensure proper application and effective results, the treatment is visually monitored on the device to ensure that proper placement of the ultrasound energy is delivered to your tissues throughout the session.

What areas can Ultherapy improve?

  • Droopy brow
  • Loose skin around the eyes
  • Jowls
  • Loose skin in the neck
  • Crepey skin on the décolleté

During the treatment, guidelines are drawn on the area to be treated using a translucent cream pen that rubs off the skin after your session. Ultrasound gel is smoothed over the treatment area to ensure direct contact and seamless delivery of sound waves from the device to the desired level of tissue to be treated. We then deliver Ultherapy treatments through a specialized handpiece that is placed directly onto the treatment area within one-inch marked sections. Ultrasound energy works in the dermal and muscle layers to restructure collagen for balance and contouring.

Ultherapy is different from other treatments like laser therapy, because it works at deeper levels below the skin, to break down damaged collagen and elastin and to stimulates your natural healing response. It does not treat any part of the skin surface, resulting in targeted tightening at deeper levels while avoiding any downtime as the skin surface remains unaffected.

Gradual Results Without Recovery

We perform Ultherapy treatments at the Cosmetic Healthcare Group in a one to two-hour sessions. Over three to six months, you will begin to see tighter skin in all areas touched by the ultrasound therapy. You may see some changes in the skin right after your treatment session, but optimal results for Ultherapy will take some time. During your consultation with CHG, we will explain where you will see these results and how long they will typically last as treatment relates to your skin. Ultrasound therapy is not a permanent solution, but the effects on your tissues can last a few years.

Ultherapy is based on a technology that has been in use for over 50 years and continues to reveal results today. While Ultherapy is never comparable to a surgical face and neck lift, it can help you to reduce premature aging signs on the face, neck, chin, and décolletage. As you talk about your aging concerns with us here at CHG, Ultherapy will be an option for those who are candidates for this noninvasive, no downtime treatment that lifts, tones and tightens loose skin.