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Stephanie before fillerStephanie after filler & Laser

My 31 year old patient underwent under eye, cheek, and lip filler to rejuvenate her appearance and she also had a CO2 laser treatment to smoothen and brighten her complexion. Here she is 1 month post treatments, extremely happy with her appearance since she doesn’t need to wear such heavy face makeup anymore. *

Cheek Filler beforeCheek Filler After

Filler & Botox Rejuvenation on my 40 year old patient. I treated her with Botox to glabella (11) lines & the forehead. Voluma to the cheeks and Belotero to tear troughs (under eye). Here she is 2 weeks post treatment (raising her forehead) looking rejuvenated and she is ecstatic with her appearance!*

Cheek filler beforeCheek filler After

59 y/o female treated with Voluma. You can see her cheeks are more volumized & softer, the tear troughs are softer, marionette lines improved and the jawline is more contoured.*

Cheek filler beforeCheek filler After

37 year old treated with Botox to address forehead lines, crows feet and glabella lines. I also used 2 syringes of Voluma to the mid face and cheek bones to add fullness to address her concern of hollowness as a result of aging. Here she is 2 weeks later, you can see she has a more youthful appearance, the under eye hollows and marionette lines are softened as well as a nice enhancement to her cheeks. She has also underwent Neck Liposuction and C02 Laser to brighten and resurface her skin.*

Cheek filler beforeCheek after filler

Undereye and cheek filler transformation on my 37 years young patient! I placed one syringe of Belotero in the tear trough area, 2 syringes of Voluma into the cheeks and Botox around her eyes. Here she is 2 weeks post Injections.*

Liquid Facelift on my 70 years young patient. I used Restylane classic to plump her lips, Restylane Defyne in the nasolabial folds & marionette lines to soften & reduce the deep creases, Restylane Lyft in her cheeks to restore facial volume & to also lift the lower part of the face (jawline) and last Dysport to address fine lines. 2 weeks post treatment, she is extremely happy with her rejuvenated appearance!*

*Individual results may vary.
**All photos are real patient images and not altered in any way.