Move the slider to the left to see the before-image and to the right to see the after-image.

Immediately after Juvederm Volbella to the lips. Done by PA Steve.*

1 week after Restylane Silk to the lips. Done by Nurse Cindy.*

Kaitlyn lip filler beforeKaitlyn lip filler After

22 year old wanting fuller lips. I used Restylane on the top and bottom to plump her lips but still keeping her natural shape. Here she is 2 weeks post injections.*

kat lip filler beforekat lip filler After

My 25 year old patient underwent Juvederm to the lips to add some fullness. Here she is 2 weeks post treatment.*

Lip filler b&a before ArianaAriana lip filler b&a After

23 year old female who was interested in fuller lips. She underwent restylane injections and here she is one week later.*

Preop lip fillerAfter 2 week lip filler

My 30 year old patient wanted to enhance her lips. I used 1 syringe Restylane filler. Here she is 2 weeks post injection. *

Zea before lip injectionsZea After lip injections

My 27-year-old patient 2 weeks after Restylane to the lips.*

*Individual results may vary.
**All photos are real patient images and not altered in any way.