The injectable anti-aging treatment continues to be the gold standard in treating some types of facial wrinkles.


Move the slider to the left to see the before-image and to the right to see the after-image.

Before PRP Hair RestorationAFter PRP Hair Restoration

29 year old male who is interested in hair restoration treatment. He underwent a specialized anesthesia which involves nerve blocks that make the whole process much more comfortable. He is set to undergo 4 sessions, one month apart. He will then come in every 6 months for a booster treatment. Here is right before his 4th PRP session, so he underwent 3 lesions and he states that he sees new hair growth and you can see from the pictures that the hair is thicke, the thinning areas are much smaller and this should continue to improve after this 5th session. We also suggest hair vitamins and topical products that we offer which the patient has been using in conjunction with the treatments. *

Pre PRP RestorationPost PRP Restoration

A 56 year old male interested in noninvasive rejuvenation options. He wanted to improve his hair growth and his face and neck profile. He underwent 4 monthly sessions of PRP with micro needling to his hair and scalp and underwent a lower face and neck Ultherapy to contour his neck and jawline. You can see improved hair growth with a smaller area of hairloss in the crown along with fine new hairs and you can see his improved neck and jawline contour. He has been told he looks like he has lost weight, however, its just the tighter and thinner facial contour.*

Before Hair RestorationAfter Hair Restoration

This is a 29 year old male, the picture is before his 4th PRP session in combination with our hairloss products. He came to us in search of hair loss rejuvenation. We can see increased thickening and hair growth in the frontal hairline. He will follow up with us in 6 months and continue to use the Hairmax Products.*


*Individual results may vary.
**All photos are real patient images and not altered in any way.