Brazilian Butt Lift In Manhattan, New York

Helping You Reveal The Best In YOU

Do you want to showcase your best side to the whole world? Dr. Mansher Singh, the expert of Plastic Surgery based out of New York, can help you get just that. Specialized in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, Dr. Singh is committed to his work and can work to augment the shape of your buttocks to give you that hourglass figure. So, are you ready to have a more youthful appearance or an aesthetical shape of your buttocks? If yes, then let’s get started!

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The shape of your buttocks can reveal a lot about your personality. Brazilian Butt Lift, a.k.a BBL, is a cosmetic procedure that is done to improve the shape and contour of the buttocks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure that gives patients rounded, shaped, and fuller buttocks. BBL is a misnomer in every sense of the word since it was not invented in Brazil, and it’s not a buttock lift since there is no removal of skin and no lifting in the true sense of the word. Finally, the scope of surgery is not limited to the buttocks, rather it’s reshaping of the confluence of multiple aesthetic units – the lower back, the hip, the posterior thigh, and the gluteal region. BBL, strictly speaking, entails gluteal region augmentation with autologous fat grafting.

BBL, as a procedure, has come a long way since its inception. It was deemed a dangerous procedure not too long ago due to the risk of fat embolism with fatal complications. Multiple research studies have since demonstrated that those risks can be completely minimized by using a larger cannula with an upward trajectory and staying in a subcutaneous-only plane for buttock augmentation with fat grafting. Dr. Singh will do a lipo 360 which harvests fat from your abdomen and back, and then uses autologous fat to give you your desired results.

As a plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Singh says that the cookie-cutter approach doesn’t exist in the scope of plastic surgery, and the surgeons need to think and act differently every time to give customized care to their patients.

Downtime: 7 days


Why Opt For a Brazilian Butt Lift From Dr.Mansher Singh?

Wondering why should you choose Dr. Mansher Singh for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in New York?

Here are the reasons why you should:

World-Class Training

Dr. Singh is a Harvard & Hopkins trained Plastic Surgeon. He learned the craft of plastic surgery from the giants of the field.

Customized Approach

Depending on the specific problems of his patients, Dr. Singh adapts a customized approach to fulfill their needs.

Exceptional Track Record

Dr.  Singh has an impeccable track record in restoring aesthetic harmony and is very well-liked and respected by his patients and staff alike.