Acne is a difficult skin condition to treat, particularly when nodules and cysts form in the deeper layers of skin. These painful bumps can last weeks and even months for some and if left untreated, can leave significant scarring in their wake. Cortisone injections can help to resolve nodules and cysts quickly and effectively, reducing swelling and potential scarring within days instead of weeks.

Who is it For?

Kenalog injections are specifically used to treat the onset of nodules and cysts caused by acne. They are not meant to work as a preventative measure for acne breakouts and should not be considered a maintenance treatment for the condition. However, patients who want to prevent scarring or need a quick treatment before a major life event will find kenalog injections to be a fast option for reducing swelling and the appearance of the pimple.

How does it Work?

Kenalog contain the active ingredient Triamcinolone, which is a medication with strong anti-inflammatory properties. The medication is injected directly into the acne pimple, reducing redness and inflammation while flattening out the lesion. Healing of the area begins almost immediately.

Injections are performed using a very small needle, so discomfort is minimal during treatment. Some patients may request a topical numbing cream prior to the injection to enhance comfort. Treatment takes just a few minutes to complete and patients may return to regular activities right away.

What are Results Like?

Kenalog significantly reduce the appearance of a cyst or nodule within 2-4 days. Rare side effects include depression at the cyst site or hypopigmentation in dark-skinned individuals. The treatments will eliminate the cyst or nodule, although new pimples can appear over time. 

Dr. Madnani understands the stigma of acne for both teenagers and adults, which is why he offers kenalog treatments for his patients. To learn more about this treatment or other options for managing acne, contact Dr. Madnani’s office at 212-203-8591.

*Individual results may vary.