What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Cheek Fat Removal

A round, full cheek may take away from an aesthetically pleasing facial silhouette. The hereditary condition of plump, lower cheeks- also known as “chip monk cheeks” or a “baby face”- is comprised of excess Buccal Fat and cannot be remedied through diet or exercise. Puffiness or heaviness in the cheek area can mask the contours of a beautiful upper cheekbone and lower jawbone. Buccal fat is the fat pad that is found in the cheek area and extends up to the skull. This procedure is designed to remove the actual fat pads found in the cheek area resulting in a slimmer, more contoured upper cheekbone and lower jawline.

Who is it For?

Buccal Fat Removal can address the following aesthetic concerns:

  • Puffy or distended cheeks
  • A “chubby” facial appearance lacking facial contour
  • Hanging or drooping skin in the cheeks

How does it Work?

Buccal Fat removal is a minor surgical procedure which Dr. Madnani performs under local anesthesia. Dr. Madnani first makes incisions inside the mouth. He then gently removes or “teases out” as much of the fat pad as necessary to achieve the desired look discussed between him and the patient. This procedure takes about an hour and you may return home soon after.

What are Results Like?

Buccal Fat removal offers longer lasting results. The cheeks will appear more contoured and chiseled resulting in a slimmer facial appearance. Results are noticeable after the surgery, especially after the swelling subsides. There are no visible scarring since Dr. Madnani uses only intraoral incisions.

*Individual results may vary.